About The Maker

Sarah's Portrait

Hello, I'm Sarah, but you may also know me as Finnigan. Currently, I create fursuits and do freelance art. As you may have noticed, I am extremely active in the furry fandom. The furry fandom is a subculture interested in anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics.

Starting in 2010 I started actively participating in local Windsor furry meetups and contributing to event organization. This evolved into helping Kerfluffle in Toronto, with the biggest contribution being assisting with Toronto Pride Parade by providing the float vehicle.

My artistic journey has spanned various mediums, and does not have an exact start date. From early forays into digital tools like Photoshop and Paint Tool SAI to sketching in brown paper books with Faber-Castell inks and Prismacolor pencils, my artistic exploration continued. Acrylic paints found their place on canvas for pet portraits.

The turning point came in 2018 when Camp Feral! recognized me as a Guest of Honour. This accolade coincided with a significant shift towards fursuit creation. I learned how to sew and operate a sewing machine. Mastering skills like 3D printing, file modification, and fursuit patterning, Goldenpaw Studio emerged as a tangible outcome.

Freelancing is the heartbeat of my professional journey, offering flexibility to indulge in diverse artistic passions. I am currently learning how to code. I am starting to delve deeper into 3D arts with model texturing and avatar creation in VRChat. Ultimately I will always continue to challenge myself with anything thrown my way to further enhance my skills as an aritst and creator.