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Fursuit Details

At Goldenpaw Studio, fursuit heads are crafted with a 3D PLA+ printed base, featuring foam accents for ears and additional shaping. These heads are not only sturdy but also compact, providing excellent ventilation for the wearer. Explore the Gallery for more examples.

For a personalized quote and to begin the creative process, please fill out the Fursuit Quote Form located at the bottom of this page. Before you proceed, I recommend reading through the following details to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

I have a Frequently Asked Questions page dedicated to my fursuits

Turnaround Time

Our commitment to quality craftsmanship means that, on average, the turnaround time for a fursuit from inception to completion is approximately 3 months.


All prices are listed in Canadian dollars, excluding shipping, customs/import fees, and taxes. Please review the pricing details below:

Custom Partial Fursuit Commission - $1,420

  • 3D Printed Head
  • 4 Finger Puffy Handpaws
  • Tail

Custom Full Fursuit Commission - $2,770

  • 3D Printed Head
  • Plantigrade Bodysuit
  • 4 Finger Puffy Handpaws
  • Outdoor Plush Feet
  • Tail
  • Matching bandana & badge

Individual Parts and Add Ons:

Please note that due to limited fur storage, I am currently unable to efficiently accommodate requests for individual fursuit parts. To streamline operations, I will be prioritizing quotes for full fursuit heads and extending special consideration to returning customers.

Click Here To Show Individual Parts Pricing


Head - $1,080

  • Moving Jaw (+$80) - with stainless steel springs
  • Follow Me Eyes (+$70) - 3D printed, allow for horizontal movement
  • Removable eyelids (+$70) - Minky, attach via magnets

Hand Paws

4 Finger Hand Paws - $240

Fur with minky paw pads

Puffy/Toony Paws - +$70

Lined with a polyester blend material, stuffed with polyfill

5 Finger Puffy Hand Paws - $320

Lined with a polyester blend material, stuffed with polyfill

5 Finger Handsewn Slim Paws - $360

Fur with minky paw pads (Labor extensive)

Feral Hand Paws - $350

Fur with minky paw pads and claws, lined with a polyester blend material, stuffed with polyfill

Feet Paws

Indoor Plush Feet - $380

Fur, lined with a soft cotton/polyester blend material, and minky paw pads

Outdoor Plush Feet - $395

Fur, polyfill, duck canvas lined for durability, durable foam for the bottoms

Outdoor Foam Feet - $380

A shoe of your choice, carved foam inside, high durability foam for bottoms

Bodies and Other Parts

Sleeves - $100

Tail - $100

(Note: If a stub tail, the price will be reduced)

Bodysuit - $1,020

Digitigrade Bodysuit (polyfill inserts) - +$320

Additional Colors or Accents

Start at $70 and increase with intricacy, quoted on a case-by-case basis.


Horns, wings, etc., will be discussed and quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Queue Information

Securing your spot in our queue is a two-step process. First, submitting a quote request does not guarantee a spot. However, quotes are valid for 90 days. Second, paying the 35% materials deposit solidifies your place in the queue, with completion order based on the sequence of deposit payments received.