Terms of Service

Personal Use

Unless stated from the artist in writing, commissions priced on goldenpawstudio.ca are for personal use ONLY. If a business or company would like to commission a piece for any form of profit they may discuss and negotiate pricing.

Acceptable Payment Methods

Paypal, Interac E-Transfer, Postal Money Orders through Canada Post, and Cash are acceptable payment options. Every payment method will result in a receipt showing the amount paid and the amount owing on the invoice and how it was paid. This receipt can be mailed to the client or sent electronically via e-mail. The artist is currently only accepting Canadian (CAD). The client is responsible for exchanging foreign currency and sending CAD the artist. (PayPal does offer this service at a fee)


If the client is under 18 years of age, the artist must work with the parent or legal guardian of the client. By commissioning the artist, the client agrees that they are at least 18 years of age. If the item the client is commissioning is over $250.00 in value the artist will request proof of age. This is non-negotiable and the commission will be cancelled if there is no proof of age within 90 days of the quote.


Pricing will be clearly listed on www.goldenpawstudio.ca to avoid confusion between the artist and the client.Sales announcements and promotions may be posted on Twitter and Telegram and they will have clear start and end dates. If the requested commission is complex or varies from the examples posted, pricing may be discussed and may be a different price than listed. Absolutely no action will be taken on creating the commission until pricing is agreed upon.

Time to Completion

Time to completion is a case by case basis depending on, and not limited to; payments, availability of materials and place in queue. The artist will under no circumstances work over 44 hours a week. There is no option for a deadline for fursuits or any textile item without a rush fee. If it has been over 6 months with no updates after materials were ordered, the client is still entitled to a 100% refund.

Rush Fees

If the client would like a fursuit within 50-60 days guaranteed delivery (shipping date), a 70% rush fee will be added to the invoice upon agreement of the shipping date to cover overtime and expedited shipping of materials. If the client would like a fursuit within 60-120 days guaranteed delivery (shipping date), a 50% rush fee will be added to the invoice. The agreed upon completion date will be nullified if the client has not paid for the item in full and the item will stay with the artist until the entire invoice is paid. The client is responsible for all expedited shipping fees. When the item goes to ship, the due date is no longer in the artist’s control.


The artist will provide Work In Progress updates for each piece and provide insight on what can not be changed after approval. The artist will not progress unless there’s approval, this may cause the commission to stall. If the client approves the stage and the artist progresses onward, no changes can be made afterwards without extra cost. Depending on the changes requested, the completion date may change.

Shipping, Pick up & Delivery

Pickup of the item is preferred and no cost. Delivery is an option if the client is within 400km of the artist and the artist is able to take time off to deliver. Mileage will be charged accordingly at $0.20/km. Convention Delivery is only an option if the artist is attending the convention, or if a trustee of the artist is attending. This will incur extra fees. Shipping is charged at cost to be weighed by Canada Post or UPS (if international). The parcel will require a signature upon pickup. The postal code for the studio is N0P 2P0. (Average price for shipping with insurance is approximately $180.00 CAD for a full digitigrade fursuit. If you are an international client, please anticipate to pay UPS for your customs fees, they change for each country so please do your research before to avoid surprise costs.) Items are always insured and declared to customs for the full amount. There are no exceptions to this. If the package arrives at the client’s doorstep damaged, the client it to notify the artist immediately and arrange to have the package inspected for insurance purposes. Failure to do so may result in voiding insurance and the warranty the artist provides.

Rejection of Commission

If the artist feels that they are unable to take on a commission based upon and not limited to: skill required, time required, investment, comfort with the subject being covered, or personal injury or illness, they reserve the right to cancel the commission with written notice covering the reason. The artist will issue a refund on the commission if it has been started and paid for past the non-refundable deposit. If no materials have been modified for the item, a full refund will be issued. This is an extreme measure and will be handled entirely on a case-by-case situation.



All sketches and uncompleted works will have an UNPAID watermark on them to protect the artist and the client from potential theft. Under no circumstances will the artist remove the watermark while the art is unpaid for. After the piece is paid for, the client will receive the unwatermarked version. The client is not required to share a watermarked version, though it is encouraged for the client to protect the art they paid for. Once the unwatermarked piece is released, the artist is no longer responsible for protecting the art from theft and the client posts the art at their own risk.


Full payment is required after the client approves of the watermarked sketch and before they receive the unwatermarked completed version.


Quotes & Payment

Item quotes are free and good for 90 days after being sent to the client. Any time after this will need a new quote and prices and availability may have changed. A non-refundable deposit of 35% of the full amount will be needed to start ordering materials. When payments have reached 50% the item will be started and the rest will be paid before receipt/shipping of the item.

Agreement to the Terms and Pricing

For highly priced items that require many hours and materials, the client may be required to sign a printed version of these Terms of Service and the specific Invoice for the client. These will be mailed with a return envelope.

Textile Item Warranty & Refunds

Textile items come with a 30 day limited warranty covering workmanship and materials. Repairs or replacements will be made for free within this period. Please note that the warranty will be null and void if: the item has been abused or used improperly the item has been altered in any way the item is soiled or has a smell, and has not been cleaned prior to return the customer has not cooperated with efforts to collect shipping insurance on an item that has arrived damaged (see below). Once the item is in possession of the client, no refunds will be issued until the item is shipped back to the artist, unused and within 1 week of delivery. The client will receive a 60% refund, the item will be modified and resold by the artist to recuperate significant losses.